Dilapidation Surveys & Reports

Homecheck Services provides dilapidation and condition surveys and reports to both the public and private sector. These dilapidation reports establish the condition of a property prior to the commencement of adjacent development work.

Construction and excavation works have the potential to cause damage to nearby buildings, structures, paving, finishes, service pits, kerbs / gutters and the like.

To assist in identifying damage, it is necessary to create a Dilapidation Report, a data-base of the condition of nearby fabric which can be updated and referenced prior to construction commencement, at selected stages of works, at completion and post-completion

The geographical extent of the area requiring inclusion in the Dilapidation Report is the Zone of Influence. The extent of the zone aims to minimise dispute regarding whether or not construction activities caused a defect, however it does not preclude defects arising outside the Zone or exonerate any party from liability associated with defects arising within or outside the Zone 

Existing defects are clearly identified and relevant data is captured on HD Video and or still camera. Captured information is typically delivered on USB together with a written and cross referenced report.

Our usual practice in the conduct of dilapidation surveys to establish the existing condition of a building or structure is to identify any existing damage which may be potentially attributable to adjacent construction works.

Particular attention is paid to all internal components, with particular emphasis on masonry walls, concrete paving, tiled walls and floors, shower alcoves, as well as relevant site factors such as stormwater drainage, garden beds, large trees and adjoining infrastructure etc.

Project Client Survey Details Year
Adelaide Airport - New Multi Level Carpark Adelaide Airport WATPAC Surveys of buildings and infrastructure surrounding the construction site 2011
Adelaide Airport – New Atura Hotel Built A dilapidation survey was undertaken of the nearby buildings and infrastructure 2017
Adelaide Convention Centre - Redevelopment Baulderstone Survey of Adelaide Convention Centre - early & main works contracts  2011
Adelaide Oval - Major Redevelopment Baulderstone Buildings and general infrastructure surrounding the construction site 2012
ANZAC Walk - Kintore Avenue BMD Urban Survey buildings all buildings along North side of Kintore Ave 2015
Jetty Road - Tram Track Upgrade Downer / York Civil Joint Venture Commercial properties 2017
Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer - New Building Hindmarsh Surveys of buildings and infrastructure surrounding the construction site 2010
RAAF Base - Edinburgh Air 7000 Project Lend Lease Survey buildings, roads and runways 2017
Seaford Rail Extension Department for Transport, Energy and Infrastructure 1) Surveys of 235 Residential Properties
2) Survey Haulage Routes
2011 - 2012
Brighton Dunes - Minda Redevelopment Stage 2 Sarah Constructions Apartments and residential properties 2017
Southern Expressway - Duplicaton Project Baulderstone Property surveys general infrastructure haulage routes 2012 & 2013
North - South Interconnection System - Eastern Project (NSISP) SA Water / Leed Engineering Intial and follow-up surveys of 35 State Heritage Listed Properties 2011
North - South Interconnection System - Central Project (NSISP) SA Water / York Civil Surveys and follow-up surveys of 65 state heritage listed properties 2012
Goodwood Rail Grade Separation Project Thiess York Joint Venture Property surveys and follow-up surveys of 51 properties 2012 & 2013
Victoria Square Redevelopment Fulton Hogan Property surveys for all buildings surrounding Victoria Square including general infrastructure 2013
Tonsley Rail Duplication Tracksure / Resonate Acoustics Property surveys of 91 residential dwellings 2013
Australian Submarine Corporation - MST Built Environs Survey buildings 15 & 17 2013
Henley Square Redevelopment BMD Urban Survey commercial buildings and residential properties 2015

Homecheck Services over 40 years experience ensures that you will be completely satisfied with the quality of both the home inspection and the final written report. Prompt and courteous service and attention to detail are our philosophy. Please contact us at the numbers above or via the online contact form for a no obligation free consultation.